Color Your Mother Green!

cropped-dscn2346.jpgTrying to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your wonderful Mom, Mother-in-law, Grandma, etc.? Think green! Continue reading


Cut Down on Food Waste

veggiesThe old adage of not shopping on an empty stomach is aimed at preventing unneeded impulse purchases. But if you’re going to eat and enjoy those purchases, what’s the problem? The real problem is buying food that you don’t eat and end up throwing out. Continue reading

Bike Sharing Is Catching On!

Yeah — more and more cities are starting bike-sharing programs! I can’t wait until San Francisco launches one.

I was recently at the Googleplex (amazing, btw) and loved seeing the colorful bikes all over the place. Google employees can take a bike and ride it to another building in the sprawling Googleplex and then leave it in front for someone else to take. So civilized!

Compost and Recyling Videos from SF Environment

Confused about what goes where? It’s really important to we put compost and recycling in the correct bins because contamination can result in the entire bin going into landfill — exactly what we are trying to avoid.

Here are a couple of videos produced by SF Environment to help you figure it all out..and don’t forget to spread the word to friends and neighbors!

Goodwill and good riddence!

I have to admit that, like millions of other Americans, I participated in the buying frenzy that is known as Black Friday. I was at the first store at 4:09 a.m. (it would have been at 4 exactly but for the frost on my windshield that took time to melt — and in Sacramento, if you can believe it!). After going to 3 stores, we emerged from the craziness of it all at 5:30 a.m. with a new TV, toaster, glass food storage containers, jeans, fleece pajama pants, and a flannel shirt. Got great prices for it all and it was all stuff that we really wanted and/or needed. No impulse buys for us. Actually, there was one impulse buy made later in the day, but we returned it the next day when we got our senses back. Anyway, it is my one day of consumerism all year and it was a success.

I am happy with my new toaster and not having to hold down the toaster button for the duration of toasting (it’s been like that for over a year) and my new TV, which is digital and doesn’t need my converter box. I generally try to get things used when possible, but I somehow find myself in the spirit of Black Friday each year.

I am even happier, however, about our Goodwill Saturday. Now that we have all our new stuff, we had to get rid of the old stuff. I called my local Goodwill donation drop-off center and learned that they will take just about anything — working or not! I brought them our old TV and toaster, along with a bunch of other stuff. They happily took it all off my hands.

So, if you find yourself in the throws of consumerism, and most of us do at some point, don’t forget to properly dispose of what you no longer want or need. It’s always best that the items get continued use, but if that is not possible then recycle properly.