Color Your Mother Green!

cropped-dscn2346.jpgTrying to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your wonderful Mom, Mother-in-law, Grandma, etc.? Think green!

Here’s a great list of green gift ideas from The Daily Green. But maybe you should think about putting away your wallet and saving green while you go green. You can make something for mom, either edible or otherwise useful. Maybe make something out of things you already have, like a photo colage or a tee-shirt quilt.

If you’re not crafty (which I certainly am not!), consider doing something special with mom. For example, take a long walk together, have a picnic, go to a play or sporting event together.

If you already spend a lot of time with your mom, think about ways you can do things for her that will make her life easier, like fixing or painting something for her, making her computer set-up more user-friendly, or helping her organize a closet or drawer.

Remember that a gift doesn’t have to be tangible. Some of the most important gifts our mothers have given us are those we cannot touch, but we certainly feel.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!



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