Take a Walk!

green sneakerIn addition to the many health benefits of walking, there are green benefits. Every time you walk to do a chore, you have taken a car off the road!

I try to walk whenever I can do many things I used to do by car. I started off slowly, adding chores over time. But now there are certain things I only do on foot and I feel so much better for it!

Here are some examples of things you might be able to do on foot:

  • grocery shopping (bring an empty backpack and plan to go a few times a week!)
  • library trips
  • post office trips
  • bank trips
  • restaurant meals (great way to work off your food, too!)
  • shopping trips (either walk to the store or to public transportation).

I realize that I am lucky to live in an area with so much within a couple of mile radius. But there are many people in my neighborhood who would never consider doing a chore on foot because the destination is more than a few blocks away. They are really missing out — a long walk provides a break from our plugged-in world, a time for walking mediation and general head-clearing.

Think about whether there are any chores you can do on foot, even if it’s a mile or two away. Every time you’re about to grab your car keys, consider whether you can do the chore on foot.

Be mindful about your actions and their impact on our environment as well as your personal health and wellbeing.



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