Green Gifting

As we approach the gift-giving season, remember that your gifts reflect on you and your values. Giving green gifts is a wonderful way to help the environment and share your values with those you love.

Our family shopped at the Green Festival this year for some of our holiday gifts and felt not only great about what we found, but great about having a less negative impact on the environment and a positive impact on green businesses. We found great “green” toys for our nephews from, among other companies, I hope that the recipients will appreciate the pro-environment aspects of the gifts.

Check out these green gift ideas and these and these — with all these green ideas you are bound to find something for everyone!  And don’t forget to use recycled or reusable wrapping!



One thought on “Green Gifting

  1. Other green gifting ideas can include buying things from environmental orgs, sponsoring animals or rainforest parcels, tree planting, giving used items (from used bookstores, eBay, craigslist, etc.), and gifting experiences instead of things.

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