Green Diapers!

When my son was a baby (almost 14 years ago!), I am ashamed to admit that we used standard disposable diapers. Yes, we could have used cloth, but we don’t have our own washing machine and there are environmental issues with the cloth diaper services (lots of chemicals used in cleaning, lots of hot water, and transportation emissions). Well, maybe I am just rationalizing. I imagine we could have found a greener solution, but parents today have a much better solution — compostable diapers! These new diapers are, as SF Gate reports,  

made out of substances derived from corn and wood, and pickups of soiled diapers, which decompose into topsoil within a few months.
If you’ve got little ones around, or one on the way, check out EarthBaby! It also makes a very thoughtful gift for the family and the earth!



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