Get Thee to a Farmers’ Market!

I love shopping at my local farmers’ market. The benefits seem obvious to me — local, fresh produce for great prices! Plus, you get to chat with nice folks and sample like crazy!

Just in case you are not fully convinced, here’s a great article by Dave Stockdale for the SF Chronicle highlighting Ten reasons to shop at a local farmer’s market.

For my neighbors in Parkmerced, our neighborhood farmers’ market decided to leave this year because the farmers felt they were not getting enough business. If you want to try to bring one back for next summer, contact your local farmers’ market association and ask! In the meantime, Alemany Farmers’ Market has lots of organic fruit and veggies at amazing prices (open Saturdays). For a market in walking distance, check out the one at Stonestown (open Sundays).


One thought on “Get Thee to a Farmers’ Market!

  1. People tend to be more social at farmers markets – talking with farmers/sellers as well as other shoppers – than they are at grocery stores, where we tend to be more atomistic.

    Somehow, it’s great for singles, couples, and families; great for health; great for the farmers; great for the economy and great for the environment. Who doesn’t love win-win-win-win-win?!

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