Sunscreen or Sunscam?

As reported by SF Gate, the Environmental Working Group surveyed sunscreens and found that only 8 percent are safe and effective.  

The survey lists a bunch of sunscreens as the best of the bunch, but recommends that even these be used as a second line of defense behind hats and clothing to protect you. Here’s the second best list:

  • Badger Unscented, SPF 30
  • California Baby Sunblock Stick, No Scent, SPF 30
  • Loving Naturals, SPF 30
  • Soleo Organics All Natural, SPF 30
  • thinkbaby/thinksport, SPF 30
  • UV Natural Baby Sunscreen and Sunscreen Sport, SPF 30
  • Purple Prarie Botanicals, SunStuff or Sun Stick, SPF 30

So, the key appears to be “lather up and then cover up” before heading out into the sun.


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