Use Less and Save More!

What if we all used half the shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and potions we use each day? We could save money, resources, and the environment with little or no negative effect. In fact, using less could actually be better because most people use too much.

I have been experimenting with using just a dime-sized portion of shampoo and it seems just the same — just faster to rinse out (meaning, less water down the drain!). This interesting article suggests diluting with added water when the bottle is running low to make it last longer.

Everything we do in our daily lives needs to be rethought with an open, green mindset!


2 thoughts on “Use Less and Save More!

  1. This reminds me of the handy foamy sponge container I started using recently. Cut a plastic bottle in half and fill a forth of it with water, then squirt a little dish washer soap inside and store the sponge in there. Really helps to save both soap and water!

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