Recycle — Just Do It!

In the Parkmerced tower buildings where we live in the eco-apartment, recycling is made so easy — there are two chutes on each floor, one clearly marked for recycling and the other for garbage (landfill). Compost is only slightly more work — you just bring your compost to the bin in the basement of the building.

Anyway, the other day I saw a young woman on my floor shoving a large, full garbage bag into the garbage chute and I couldn’t help but see plastic water bottles and other obvious recycleables in the bag. What is so difficult about recycling? I just don’t get it — when we throw things “away” they don’t just disappear, they end up in landfills in and around our communities.

Please think about the environmental repercussions when you act! Here’s a quick and painless video with some easy green tips:


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