Protect Our Strawberries, and Ourselves

As reported by CREDO Action, a publication of Working Assets, California is about to approve a potent carcinogenic gas for use on strawberry fields and other food crops. “The chemical — methyl iodide — is so toxic that scientists in labs use only small amounts with special protective equipment, yet agricultural applications mean it could be released directly into the air and water.”

We have one last chance to stop methyl iodide from being used on our food. The Department of Pesticide Regulation is accepting public comments on it’s proposal through June 14.

The urgency of this issue was highlighted again today with a new study showing links between pesticides and ADHD.

Stop the use of dangerous pesticides in our foods, and in the meantime, buy and eat organic fruits and vegetables!



One thought on “Protect Our Strawberries, and Ourselves

  1. We definitely need to vigorously oppose methyl iodide, methyl bromide, and all sorts of other toxic chemicals, especially in our food supply.

    While we’re doing that, we need to support and buy more organic products, whether food, clothing, cosmetics, or otherwise.

    Organic products, which are made with any synthetic chemicals, and are never genetically engineered, are better for your health, better for farm workers, better for local communities, better for animals, better for the soil, better for reducing the use of fossil fuels, and better for fighting global warming.

    Hopefully, the next Farm Bill, slated for 2012, but already being worked on, will include MUCH more support for organic agriculture and MUCH less support for chemicalized crops. is a great org and site for more info and opportunities to get involved!

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