The Enemy in Your Home: Teflon

You know that stuff on frying pans that makes it “nonstick”? Usually it’s teflon, a synthetic polymer, used in a variety of cooking things, as well as in some fabrics and furnishings.

Teflon is harmful — it releases toxic gases when heated above 396 degrees and long-term exposure is linked to cancer, immune-system damage, and thyroid disease.

Check out the research done by the Environmental Research Group, reported in the April 2010 issue of Natural Solutions magazine.

So, get rid of your teflon pans and use cast iron or stainless steel pots and pans instead!


One thought on “The Enemy in Your Home: Teflon

  1. they have non stick non toxic green pans at Target now. I was so happy about this because I have been waiting for that technology.

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