Gotta Love Going Green with Bamboo!

I am so into bamboo these days — it’s a wonderful, sustainable plant that grows fast and doesn’t need pesticides. It can be used as a replacement for wood, cotton, and other less sustainable resources.

For example, the flooring in the Eco-Apartment is made from plyboo (a plywood and bamboo mix). But bamboo is so much more than a wood replacement!

Bamboo makes such soft fabrics and feels absolutely delicious! I love the clothes, but at this point, they are pretty pricey (even compared to organic cotton). I am seeing signs, however, that bamboo fabric is becoming more mainstream, which will likely result in huge price reductions and increased availability. Check this out — I just bought socks at Target made in part from bamboo!

For more info on going green with bamboo, check out this great article, and by all means — check out bamboo!


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