5 Ways You Can Green Your Apartment Too!

Many website and TV shows focus on green houses, but what about apartment dwellers?! Here’s a few things every apartment resident can easily do make their home more of an eco-apartment (check our even more tips at Low Impact Living):

1. Replace your light bulbs with CFL or LED light. They have come down so much in price and last so much longer that these are a “green” choice in more than one way!

2. Turn down your heat and put on a sweater in the winter; open windows and buy a fan in the summer! The less you use of central heating and cooling the better!

3. Compost! You will be surprised at how much of your waste can actually be composed. If your apartment complex does not have a composting program (luckily, Parkmerced does!), you can buy a kitchen composter yourself.

4. Use only green cleaning products  — better for the environment and better for you when you are using them.

5. Run only full loads on dishwashers and laundry machines (and you can use less detergent than you think!).

I’ll keep posting tips and you can too in your comments to this post!


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