No “doggy bag” please

In San Francisco, we now have a law that restaurants cannot use styrofoam for take out and leftover containers. Many are using recyclable/reusable plastic and even compostable containers. That’s great, for sure, but what is even better is not having to take any new container at all.

You can bring your own leftover containers (preferably glass or metal, but reusable plastic is ok too) when you head out to a restaurant and put your leftovers away in them. It saves the physical resources of the containers you would have used and the money resources of the restaurant (many of which operate on a very slim margin). You’ll also be modeling green living for other diners!


3 thoughts on “No “doggy bag” please

  1. Actually while we are at it, let’s mention the fact that people use plastic to pick up their pets stuff. It’s easy to carry but not very good for the environment. I know that recyclable bags are a little on the expensive side. Do you have an idea for that?

    • Not sure — would a bit of paper be too gross? I don’t think you can compost feces, so using compostable bags might not be good.Anyone out there with an idea?

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