Hospital waste — not the gross kind!

Sorry for my blog-absence, but I was in Sacramento with my mother who was undergoing total knee replacement surgery. Her surgery went well and she is currently recovering in rehab. Her hospital stay was filled with caring and wonderful medical professionals and a high-tech and comfortable environment. But…it was an environmental disaster!!!!

I couldn’t believe that they still use stryofoam cups and bowls to serve patients food and drinks. Even more shocking as that they use a lot of recyclable plastics and paper and provide no place to recycle them! One example that I found appalling was that the small, plastic water pitcher in her room had a plastic container within it that had to be removed and replaced with each refill and was not recycled. I still don’t understand why the pitcher could not be refilled with the  filtered water by holding it under the flow and not touching any surface, but even if replacement was necessary, the virtually pristine plastic containers should be reusable or at least recyclable.

My experiences were at Kaiser Permanente in Sacramento, but this is an issue at all hospitals and many are trying to tackle it. Check out the efforts being made at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, Canada.

C’mon Kaiser, get going on the green bandwagon!


2 thoughts on “Hospital waste — not the gross kind!

  1. Julie,
    I absolutly agree. I had a hospital experience in December, the stay and the people were great, but like you I was sorely disappointed in the whole plastic thing. I actually, just used my BPA free container and refilled it myself, but challenging if you can’t leave your bed or feel strange about doing it yourself.

    • I refilled my water bottle at the water fountain (they wouldn’t let me use their machine unless it first went into plastic). But for patients that isn’t practical. Something’s got to change — maybe hospitals can see that it is in their best interest financially to go green

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