The Great Dishwashing Debate!

Many people have asked about whether I think using a dishwasher or handwashing dishes is more “green.” Up until moving into this apartment, the issue was not relevant to me — I never had a dishwashing machine! Now, I am really enjoying the convenience of having one.

The “dashboard” that tracks our water and electricity usage in the eco-apartment unfortunately cannot distinguish between the dishwasher and kitchen sink, so I cannot do the comparison as I had hoped, but I found a wonderful article that has exhaustively considered the issue. There are many factors to consider, including type of dishwasher and the way in which you do handwashing, but the article concludes

It’s possible to be more efficient when hand-washing, but it’s pretty tough.

With a new and very efficient dishwasher, I am confident that using it is our greener alternative.


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