The Shower Curtain Search!

Before moving into this eco-apartment, we set about on a search to find an eco shower curtain for our new home. Sounds easy, right? Just go online and search for “eco shower curtain” and you are set, right? Well, you get a lot of hits when you do that, and a lot of confusion too.

At first I was lulled into the organic cotton and bamboo curtains. They are pricey, but look like the best option. Until you realize that they need to be used with a liner. Buying two products to do the job of one is never an eco-friendly choice. I considered a hemp shower curtain. Not only are they expensive (about 3 times as much as organic cotton), but they only come in shades of beige/brown. Most importantly, hemp also soaks up water and is best used with a liner.

So then I began the search for the best curtain that could stand alone — basically a liner. Eco-friendly liners are widely available and begin at just $3 at Ikea for solid colors (but very thin) and $15 at Bed, Bath, & Beyond (where we got ours) with nice prints. They are made from a vinyl substance that does not include chloride (the stinky and carcinogenic component of the standard PVC liner (“That ‘new shower curtain smell’ is a shower of chemicals”).

Here’s what our lovely bamboo-motif liner made from EVA looks like and it’s working out great!

Note, I did find a company making shower curtains from the material used for backpacks in nice colors, but unfortunately, it is a small business and they had a new baby arrive and did not respond to my inquiry until it was too late for me.

Another note, we invested in metal hooks instead of the cheap plastic ones that tend to break when you open them repeatedly. I hope to have these metal ones for years to come, making them a wiser investment and a better eco-choice.

Click here for a great article on reusing old shower curtains.

That ‘new shower curtain smell’ is a shower of chemicals


5 thoughts on “The Shower Curtain Search!

  1. Hi Jul
    Wish I could write this in green ink..
    anyway, you are quite the blogger – really good – new shower curtain very cool – I like it.
    Will keep checking and reading the blog – throwing out all my books – this is the best!

  2. Julie,
    Good job on the shower curtain, and good to know about the one you purchased. What is the company you found that made the ones out of backpack material?

  3. I love the curtain and the print! Nice example of how eco-smart can be aesthetically pleasing as well(I hate that shower curtain smell). Is this curtain machine washable? I put mine in the wash every few months or so to refresh it, to avoid buying a new one if I can. So far so good. I just retired my last one which lasted several years. I think we have only had 3 in the last 14 yrs.

    As for the metal rings, I got some metal roller rings years ago and they do last! I was afraid they might be prone to rust, but not at all. They hold up nicely, look great and slide better than the cheap plastic one. Good choices.

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