Green kitchen

Well, here’s our new kitchen! It has energy efficient appliances — big oven and little oven for small things, freezer below the fridge, and recycled material countertops. We haven’t had a microwave or dishwashing machine ever, so it’s very exciting for us. We got inspired and replaced our plastic drain board with a wooden one and our plastic cutting board with a bamboo one. We are really trying to reduce our use of plastics in the kitchen generally, in favor of metal or wood. I cooked for the first time tonight — consisting of boiling ravioli and making a brownie mix, but at least it was cooking!


One thought on “Green kitchen

  1. Hey J,
    My very green friend remodeled her kitchen and told me she researched the most water saving and earth friendly ways to wash dishes. Can you weigh in on this: dishwasher versus hand washing? Earth friendly dishwashing soaps? Best way to hand wash to save water?

    She says the double sink method is most water saving way to hand wash but modern dishwashers save more water than hand washing.

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