Moving trials and tribulations

So, we got the keys to the eco-home on Friday late afternoon and brought a couple of things over that night. We then brought a few car loads of stuff over the following day. Yesterday was the big move with the rented truck. What an eye opener! I really underestimated how much time and effort moving would take, but most shocking to me was how much “stuff” we have! It truly is an embarassment of riches. We have been blessed with receiving many gifts, hand-me-downs, and passed on treasures (as well as some purchases along the way!). But it’s just too much. When one of my favorite things (a big chest that was stained in purple and green) broke when a big wind knocked it down as it waited to be loaded into the truck, I actually felt ok about it. I will make due with it as is, or have it repaired. I was surprised at how mellow I felt when I heard. It’s just a thing. I found that spending days looking at and carrying all my possessions gave me a different view of things and I really let go of my attachment to material things. I don’t need so much and, even if it is free, I need to be much more discriminating in what I acquire. Of course, this feeling may wear off a bit as the move get further and further behind me, but I hope that it doesn’t. It is relationships, community, and the Earth that are important, not STUFF!


2 thoughts on “Moving trials and tribulations

  1. Yes, the other day Randy (my husband) knocked over a little jar we got for our wedding. Many people might have just passed it by at Goodwill but I grew to love it. It has this middle age man and woman in a horse and buggy on it and I use it to store garlic. Interestingly, when I found out I too was okay with it, it certainly wasn’t worth having any kind of argument over. The love is what we take with us when we leave these bodies, NOT STUFF!

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