Just because it’s free…

As I look through my possessions and try to weed stuff out, I am seeing how many things I have that I received for free (I’m not talking about gifts here, mostly swag, Really Really Free Market stuff etc.). Even though I am generally conscious about not buying or getting too many material goods and the impact such consumption has on the environment, I think there was a hole in my thinking. I think I actually snatched up free stuff with a feeling like it is “off the grid,” or somehow exempt from overconsumption. It’s not.

Just because you don’t pay money for something doesn’t mean you have to take it home!

It’s ok to just appreciate something and enjoy looking at it without taking, even if it’s free. Sort of like window shopping all the time! I need to plug this hole in my thinking to better my own life as well as the environment. For every free item I pass up, someone else will take it who can better use it. At least that’s what I hope for. In any event, if I don’t need it, I won’t take it!


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