The Eco-Apartment!

We won a contest to live for one year, rent-free, in an Eco-Apartment in Parkmerced. It is a two-bedroom apartment in a high-rise building near San Francisco State University with a “green” focus.

They took a regular apartment and renovated it to include many green features, including bamboo flooring, non-VOC paint, countertops made from reclycled materials, vampire outlets, and energy star appliances. Most cool is the “dashboard” that shows water and electricity usage and allows the residents to really see what they are using.


2 thoughts on “The Eco-Apartment!

  1. This is great. Enjoy the process, and the evolution of your thinking. When we moved cross country, and paid for every pound, I was very careful. Then after 30years, I did the next move, and now always going through and eliminating. It has become (I think it always has been) a hobby) to organize closets. I can understand how the free market becomes very alluring. Think where you would use it now.
    Love ya all

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