Saving Latke Oil

recycleAs Chanukah approaches, many of us are stocking up on oil and are ready (and grudgingly willing) to use much greater amounts of oil than we do all year long. Hey, it’s the holiday!

Just don’t pour your used cooking oil down the drain!

This is a huge problem for city sewer systems (check out fatberg in London) and an equally huge opportunity for bio fuel companies: bring your used cooking oil to a bio fuel pick up location.

As usual, we are very lucky in San Francisco to have several convenient locations — at Rainbow Grocery and some Whole Foods locations, for example. Check out this link from SF Water Power Sewer for details.

And Happy Chanukah! May the holiday lights bring us peace and joy!


Home Again!

It’s been a while since I have written this blog. Lots of excuses, but one major reason is that we moved out of the Eco-Apartment and back into our regular apartment at the end of February.

It was a great year in a lot of ways — we loved many of the green features of the apartment and especially the year of free rent — but we are so happy to be home.

Bike Sharing Is Catching On!

Yeah — more and more cities are starting bike-sharing programs! I can’t wait until San Francisco launches one.

I was recently at the Googleplex (amazing, btw) and loved seeing the colorful bikes all over the place. Google employees can take a bike and ride it to another building in the sprawling Googleplex and then leave it in front for someone else to take. So civilized!